apirun, the ally of athletes

Freedom Marathon nutrition and hydration partner

For its 36th edition, which will take place from June 2 to 4 in Caen, Normandy, D-Day Landings Marathon has a new partner. Beekeeper and sportsman, Apirun bets on an effective sports nutrition 100% French, natural and eco-responsible.

Nutrition and hydration are undeniable assets when it comes to meeting a sporting challenge. Apirun will accompany you and provide you with essential advice to make your race a success.

honey, a real natural booster

In addition to providing the runner with a combination of fast and slow sugars (fructose), honey is naturally very digestible. The glycemia is thus optimized and allows the runner to stay in shape throughout the race without digestive discomfort. However, not all honeys guarantee the same properties. Cold extraction is a guarantee of quality. Depending on the glycemic index, the fructose content is different and your performance may be affected! Choose a pure honey collected in France, cold extracted and rich in fructose.

zoom on the 100% French honey stick

A real natural effort booster, this 100% French honey comes from Apirun beehives and is cold extracted to preserve the nutrients naturally contained in honey.



100% cold extracted honey directly from the beekeeper.


Product advantages

- Naturally digestible, thanks to the pre-digestion enzymes (amylases, invertases injected by the bees)

- Cold extracted honey to preserve nutrients 

- Healthy and sustainable energy 

- A supply of proximity (origin Brittany)

- Easy to open

- An optimized glycemia thanks to the fructose (slow sugar) contained in the honey.

- Rated GOLD by a sports nutrition product evaluation tool that assesses the quality of the ingredients, the nutritional contribution, the ethics and the environmental aspect. 

for each distance its nutrition

If it is important to choose your food well, it is just as important to define when you consume it. Apirun has teamed up with Bruno Heubi (100km World Champion) to help you manage your marathon or half-marathon.



What about hydration?

Hydration plays a key role in sports performance that is often underestimated. Just like nutrition, Apirun will help you and advise you on optimal hydration before, during and after your event.

✏️ Recipe - DIY: the homemade isotonic drink by APIRUN

- 500ml of water, with a BOOST infusion
- 20g of honey (directly from the beekeeper)
- 1 tablespoon of lemon juice
- A little salt according to the intensity of the heat