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36th edition of the Freedom Marathon

Do you want to be prepared for this 36th edition? It's a good thing! Each week, you will find our sports column, produced in collaboration with the Caen Athletic Club and Harmonie Mutuelle, health partner of the D-Day Landings Marathon. On the program, tips, advice and prevention to make sure you have the best possible experience on D-day!

A social sport par excellence, running is now one of the most popular sports! According to a survey conducted by Odoxa, 43% of French men and women have resolved to do more sport in 2022. 1 out of 3 French people would practice running regularly. This craze is justified in particular by the accessibility of the practice, whether in terms of cost, flexibility or rapid progress.


There are many reasons for practising but they are mainly related to the physical and mental benefits. Well-being (improved energy levels, better sleep, etc.) and stress relief are the two main motivations for runners. Running is fun and helps to relieve the pressure accumulated in everyday life.


As a beginner, it is not the speed that counts but running with ease and for longer and longer periods, even if it means going slowly. The most important thing is to enjoy yourself. For a beginner, the initial goal is to run for 30 to 45 minutes and keep it up for several weeks. Then increase the length of the sessions.


Don't be too ambitious and greedy from the start. A runner is all too often proud. Keep in mind that as a novice, the goal is not the time. Your greatest reward will be crossing the finish line. Set an achievable and reasonable goal. An overly ambitious and unrealistic goal may result in failure, which will lead to great disappointment and apprehension later on. Challenged to run your first half or marathon? Make sure you have already run one or more 10 km.


If running is accessible in terms of equipment, make sure you don't neglect this point, and in particular the essential: the pair of running shoes! Don't pick up a pair that has already been used, as it probably won't be adapted to your body shape or your stride. Use streamlined and technical clothing for better resistance to wind and heat and for better comfort. Finally, don't underestimate UV rays. Protect yourself, the sun is always there, even in Normandy!

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