€1 200,000 collected

Since 2006, the Rochambelle has collected more than € 1 200,000 for the cause and become the second most popular women's race in France (in terms of numbers of runners).

New solidarity objective: €98,000 raised

€98,000 euros is the goal of this new edition. A substantial sum that will only be possible thanks to the participation of 14,000 womens.

 The funds raised in 2020 will support several projects:

- Loan of wigs & room for adapted physical activities for François Baclesse Meeting's place and information's center (center for the fight against cancer)
- Promote access to screening for the most isolated womens in Calvados by Mathilde association
- Intrabeam®, intraoperative radiotherapy system for François Blaclesse Center
- Socio-beauty sessions at Caen’s Polyclinique du Parc
- NEW - Improved treatment of gynecological cancers by funding an innovative surgical system for vulvovaginal disorders at the University Hospital of Caen.