Who can be concerned by team entries?

Open to companies, charities, clubs or groups, team entries are an opportunity to get together for fun, sport, and to raise money for good causes.

What are the conditions to create a team?

Several prerequisites are required to create a team:

- Establish a team within an existing structure (companies, associations, clubs or communities);
- Having finalized the team before May 14th, 2020;
- Obtain acceptance and commitment to the Official Rules of D-Day Landings Marathon in 2020 from each team member.
- Make the paiement before the collection of bibs;

Why create a team?

Several advantages can be distinguished:

- Preferential fees for the entries on the races (marathon, half-marathon, 10 km)
- Creation of an internal dynamic within your structure.

How to proceed?

To create your team account, you must first designate a team leader who will be our contact.

Once you have designated this person, contact us by email by clicking here to be guided to create your team.

Informations needed to create the account:
- Name of the structure;
- Full name of the team leader;
- Telephone number of team leader;
- Billing Address;
- Email address of team leader.