stock exchange bibs

purchase and resale of bibs between riders

With all the events sold out, the organization is setting up a bibs exchange to facilitate the purchase and resale of bibs between riders directly from the registration platform.

I want to sell my bib

You can sell your bib on our official list or transfer your bib to the rider of your choice.

In the event of resale of your bib, an administration fee of €2 will be deducted from the refund of your registration. Any options subscribed to will also be reimbursed.

I'm looking for a bib

You can register on our official list, or have a friend or family member give you a bib . If a bib becomes available or a friend gives it to you, a code valid for 48 hours will be sent to you to register for the event. After this period, the code will be passed on to another runner on the list.

If a friend wishes to transfer his bib to you, it is up to him to make the request according to the following procedure.


- Go to the registration platform and log in to your space.

- Click on "event registration", "individual registration" and enter one of the following codes: "BOURSEAUXDOSSARDS-10KM", "BOURSEAUXDOSSARDS-RELAIS", "BOURSEAUXDOSSARDS-SEMI", "BOURSEAUXDOSSARDS-MARATHON".

- Follow the steps to finalize your registration at bibs.

Closing of the bibs 

After being extended to facilitate the transfer of bibs between riders as much as possible, the bibs exchange will close at midnight on Monday May 20. All resale requests received by this date will be processed.

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