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good resolutions 2023: take on new challenges

The 36th edition of D-Day Landings Marathon, Normandy Running Festival, will take place from June 2 to 4, 2023 in Caen, Normandy. On the program of this next edition: a unique panel of events in tribute to the events of the D-Day allowing everyone to participate according to their level of practice and their desires.

weekend programme

- The D-Day Landings Marathon, the queen event with a course full of history;
- The Marathon Relay, 42.195 km in teams of 4;
- The Pegasus, half-marathon starting from the famous Pegasus Bridge;
- The 10 km - Crédit Agricole Normandie, the city is yours;
- La Rochambelle, a 5 km women's race-walk in aid of the fight against cancer;
- The Rollers de la Liberté, a 2 hour walk/run on a closed and secured 2 km circuit;
- And the Foulées de la Liberté, 4,000 children from schools in Caen.


- D-Day Landings Marathon : 50€ instead of 65€ ;
- Pegasus Half Marathon: 24€ instead of 32€ ;
- 10 km - Crédit Agricole Normandie: 14€ instead of 19€.