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37th edition of the Freedom Marathon

Do you want to prepare as well as possible for this37th edition? That's a good thing! Every week, you will find our sports column produced in collaboration with the Caen Athletic Club and Harmonie Mutuelle, the health partner of the D-Day Landings Marathon. On the program, tips, advice and prevention to make you live the best possible experience on D-Day!

The health and well-being benefits of running are numerous: it improves sleep, strengthens the heart, fights hypertension, is a vector for social interaction, etc. To optimise these various benefits, make sure you develop good habits when you run.


First of all, hydration is essential. By sweating out mineral salts, you become progressively dehydrated when you run. To counter this, there are several tips:


- Hydrate as soon as you warm up and as regularly as possible throughout your session, including during your recovery phase.

- Remember to alternate waters. They all have different properties. Remember to choose waters rich in mineral salts.

- Drink in small quantities, never more than 10 cl at a time.

- When it's hot, don't hesitate to spray yourself with water and wear a cap to protect yourself.

✏️ Recipe - DIY: the homemade isotonic drink by APIRUN, nutritional partner of the Freedom Marathon

- 500ml of water, with a BOOST infusion
- 20g of honey (directly from the beekeeper)
- 1 tablespoon of lemon juice
- A little salt according to the intensity of the heat


When it comes to your diet, it is important to optimise your digestive system when running so that it remains a pleasure and not a pain. A healthy diet will help you to optimise, not increase, your performance.

Eat everything, fat is important. Don't deprive yourself but be careful not to overdo it. Eat fruit and vegetables without moderation. Make sure you avoid ready-made meals and get behind the stove. For your snacks, dried fruit, almonds and nuts will be your best energy allies.


During your long runs, provide yourself with food such as honey sticks or energy bars. Your appetite will be greater, which is normal, so give preference to slow sugars (rice, pasta) 12 to 24 hours before running.

As far as your health is concerned, it is recommended that you avoid any abuse or excess before running, especially on long runs. Alcohol and tobacco do not mix well with running, as you can imagine. As for your sleep, its quality is also very important in the recovery phase, so it is an integral part of your sports preparation.

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Fruit of the fusion of two passions, Apirun offers 100% French products made from pure, natural honey, without additives and exclusively harvested in Brittany. Energy bars, sports cakes, honey sticks or infusions will accompany you throughout your sports preparation to boost your performance on race day.

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